Top 5 websites earn money by watching ads online

There are many ways to earn money from the internet. However, today I will talk about the 5 most popular websites to earn money by watching Ads. If you have a smartphone in your hand to earning money by seeing Ads. There are many websites online where you can earn money by watching advertisements.

However, in most cases, online income means earning money by blogging or YouTube. In addition, there are some very simple ways to earn money, which are money from watching ads, money from playing games, money from watching videos, etc. We have the options. 
There are many types of websites on the Internet today to earn money by doing such simple things. You will find a lot of websites to earn money by watching ads online. However, you need to work on some websites that will give you real money. Remember, the number of trustworthy sites to earn money by watching ads, but much less. 
There are many websites where you will work but they will not pay you for the work. So today I will talk about 5 websites from which you can earn money by watching advertisements.

Top 5 websites  earn money by watching ads online

Almost all of us waste a lot of time using the internet. Some play games, some watch videos, some use social media for hours on end. What if you could make some money on the internet and run your own pocket? No one will miss this opportunity. Then let’s find out the names of 5 sites.
From this website, you can earn reward income by watching ad videos. Moreover, by taking part in new surveys, you will be able to earn income through cash offers and shipping. Also, if you sign up here, you will get a $5 bonus.
No points will be awarded for viewing ads on the website. That is, you will be show income. From here you can earn in many ways. For example, you can earn income by playing games, reading emails, fulfilling various offers.
It will take 3 to 25 minutes to complete each survey here. In return, you will get 0.5$ to 5$ dollars. You will find new video ads on the website every day. you can watch 30 videos every day.
Payment: You will get $ 5 to $ 25 cents for each video on this website. There are also some videos from which you can get up to $ 25. You can withdraw your earned money through Paypal. And to withdraw the money you have to deposit 30.
When did someone ask me which is the best website to earn income by looking at advertisements? Then I simply say that allows you to earn money from this site in exchange for viewing ads. Apart from watching advertisements here, you can earn money by playing games and making referrals. Here you can earn money for 1 hour a day.
Payment: You can transfer your earned money to Paypal and bank transfer on this website. This site has been paying for about 10 years.
3. is a very popular website to earn money by watching video ads. By visiting this website you can create an account and collect SB points from the video playlist. You can earn money in different ways without seeing ads. For example, shopping online, playing games, searching the internet, answering various surveys, etc. If you register an account here, you will get 5$ per dollar.
Payment: Here you can redeem the income SB points through PayPal, Amazon coupon, Freecharge, etc. However, you must have more than 3$ in your account. The company has paid more than 455$ million.
This site is basically a PTC (paid to click) website. This means that you can earn money by clicking on various ads. It is very easy to make income here. Because create an account, click on add and earn. However, you need to watch 30 seconds in each ad.
Payment: You can easily take payment from this site.
5. is a website that reminds me of making money by looking at online advertisements. This is basically an online paid survey website. From where you can watch ads, read email, invited friends using these ways to make online income. Click in the video tap to earn here.
Payment: You need to have at least 50$ to withdraw the money earned in your account. You can withdraw money through a PayPal account.
So friends, today we have known about websites that earn money by watching ads online. If you like this article, please share it, And if you have any suggestions, please let us know in the comments.


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